Criminal Law Paralegal

Eviction Services

Criminal Defense Paralegal

Our Paralegal for Criminal Defense Lawyers perform pretrial, plea, and trial services including filing, drafting paperwork, performing research, interviewing witnesses and possible co-defendants, corresponding with clients, and helping to build cases for clients or against individuals or groups of people.

Motion Preparation

  • Identify Potential Motions For Your Authorization.

  • Prepare the Notice of Motion, Motions, Supporting Memorandum, and Declarations.

  • Obtain Court Date based upon your availability.

  • File and Serve the selected motions.

  • Prepare and Serve subpoenas (document production & witness appearance).

Case Types

  • Misdemeanor - Property Crimes
  • Misdemeanor - Crimes Against People
  • Felony - Sex Crimes
  • Felony - All Other Cases
  • Post Conviction Motions

Trial Preparation

  • Prepare Trial Binders

  • Prepare Exhibit Binders

  • Contact Witnesses & Prepare Them For Testimony

  • Update Investigations

  • Transport Witnesses as needed

  • Coordinate Presentation of Exhibits

  • Draft Trial Briefing as needed

  • Draft In Liminie Motions as needed

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