Civil Litigation Paralegal

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Litigation Paralegals

Litigation Paralegals provide important attorney support services. We specialize in Discovery, Legal Research, Case Management & Planning, and Trial Presentation.

Civil Litigation Paralegal

The Civil Litigation Paralegal works with trial attorneys and will perform many tasks during the litigation process. We are a valuable part of the legal team often working on all phases of the trial from beginning to end.

Our Litigation Paralegals perform routine office duties such as photocopying and scanning documents, and helping prepare them for court filings. We may also maintain litigation files, reviewing and preparing material for storage or disposal once a case has closed.

Beyond routine office duties, our Litigation Paralegals are often called on to assist in depositions, witness preparation, and research. The Litigation Paralegals is typically the one who prepares and handles all exhibits. They will also attend trials acting as an assistant to the attorney during the court proceedings.

  • Client Management/Interview, Correspondence, Communication

  • Discovery Preparation and Response

  • Motion’s, Responses/Oppositions, and Reply’s

  • Summary Judgment’s

  • SLAPP Motions

  • Legal Research

  • Trial Preparation & Presentation

  • Fact Investigation