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Eviction Services

North County Eviction Services

Eviction Costs

Basic Eviction $350-$800

Uncontested Eviction $800-$1,150

Contested Eviction $1,150-$1,350

Eviction Dispositions

10% End At Basic

60% End At Uncontested

30% End At Contested


At North County Paralegals, we know it isn’t easy for a Landlord to go through the eviction process. That is why we provide Landlords with Eviction Services. 

Eviction Service
Eviction Services

When it comes to dealing with the California eviction notice process – one mistake can be disastrous. Your case could be dismissed and the non-paying tenants could get their attorney’s fees to be paid by you. Don’t let this happen to you. This is why we provide fast evictions and keep you informed as much as possible throughout the process. Trust a company that will take care of the entire problem.

We offer three eviction service packages to best suit your needs.

Most cases start at the BASIC Eviction. If the tenant pays you the rent or moves, then we will simply dismiss the lawsuit.

If your tenant does not pay, move, or file an answer to the lawsuit, the case will proceed as an UNCONTESTED eviction.

If the tenant does file an answer, then the case will proceed as a CONTESTED eviction.


North County Eviction Services:

Our Affiliate Attorney, Daniel E. Marshall, is an Eviction Wizard. He had dedicated his practice to Landlord Tenant Law, Real Estate Law, Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits. We provide the preparation and service of the necessary 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, 30-Day Notice to Quit and 90-Day Notice to Quit. He is always available for consultations and court appearances at discounted rates.

Forms, Flowcharts & Other California Eviction Services

Unlike other California Eviction Services, North County Paralegals look at all possible ways to solve your eviction needs fast, we provide the landlord help that allows them to pay attention to their everyday responsibilities.

The California eviction notice flowchart is available to better understand the California eviction process or click on the “Contact Us” tab to the right to request a call.


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