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Eviction & Paralegal Services

Eviction & Paralegal Service

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Eviction – Start A Case

Starting Your Case is as Easy as Completing This Form! After you complet...

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Eviction Service

Eviction Process Explained

The ABC’s Of The Eviction Process

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Eviction Services – Basic

Eviction Services starting at $350. Call Today. Start Today.

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Eviction Service

Eviction Services – Default

Uncontested Eviction Time: 15 to 21 Days. Cost: $350.00 to $1,150.00 Des...

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Eviction Services – Trial

Contested Eviction Time: 30 to 90 Days. Cost: $350.00 to $1,350.00 Descr...

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How Long Does An Eviction Take?

Thus, the eviction process from the end of the notice period can take fr...

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Evict A Non-Paying Renter begins with the Three Day Eviction Notice giving the Renter Three Days To Pay Rent To Quit occupying the premises.

If they do not “pay or quit” the Landlord must evict the tenant. Evictions fall into one of three categories: Basic, Uncontested, or Contested.

Three Eviction Service Plans To Choose From!

Offering Several Eviction Service Packages So You Get What You Need And Won’t Pay A Penny More. 

Basic Eviction

The Basic Eviction is the Fastest Eviction Service.

The Renter is served with the Summons and Complaint.

The renter has 5 days to file their responsive pleadings with the court.

If they move out, that will end you case.

Uncontested Eviction

In an Uncontested Eviction, we will request the Court to enter a Judgment in your favor. This is called a “default judgment.”
When that happens, we will request the Court issue an Order directing the Sheriff to remove the renter – that is called a “Writ.”
In about 20 days, the sheriff will restore possession back to you.

Contested Eviction

If, however, the renter files an answer, the case is called a Contested Eviction.

This may require us to file an opposition to their motion and a request to set trial.

During this period, we may request the renter produce documents – called “Discovery.”

Average Days To Case Ending

Basic 21Days
Uncontested 28Days
Contested 45Days

Dispositions By Case

  • Basic
  • Default
  • Contested